Your Web and Your Phone

We develop simple telephony web APIs on the cloud that will enable you :

To empower and power up your programs, websites or application
To have more choice on how execute your marketing programs
To communicate better with your customer
To easily create customer friendly call centers
To track affiliates
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With The Aim to Democratize Communications

Via the telephone, making it easier, faster and less expensive than it has ever been.

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Xoxzo is the telephony web API for web developers. Xoxzo provides functionalities such as SMS sending and receiving, carrier search, and making and receiving calls through web beautiful APIs. You can start right away with just a few lines of code.



We leveraged our knowledge of SMS delivery from our experiences of running SMS delivery services since 2007, and this has allowed companies and developers to incorporate SMS easily to their smartphone applications and services.

Digital Technology for Humans

The important parts and ingredients that make up our services and products.

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We are human beings

Due to the way we work, we fully utilize digital technology, devices and online tools but we understand that it is another human being at the end, and that we are part of a larger community.

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Customer data is important

Xoxzo is accredited with the PrivacyMark since 2013. Our customer's data is important to us and to our customers. We do not sell or use our customer's data in ways which we do not explicitly say in our privacy policy.

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Because our customers do not see us all the time, we aim and practice for as much transparency as possible.

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Keizoku kaizen

The world changes and so must we. We believe in progress and constant improvement.

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Technology Supported by Our Own Patents

Tailor-designed for us, so we can better serve you.

Patent No. 4961058

Authentication System
  • Granted on 2012-03-30
  • Used by our One Time Address personal authentication system

Patent No. 4889813

Data Transaction System

Patent No. 6246303

Telephone Reception System

Patent No. 6290941

Outgoing Call System

Patent No. 6751976

SMS reception system

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