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Our People Philosophy,
Values and Believes

We are always looking for smart and great people to join us in Xoxzo. But beyond than just smart and great, most importantly we look for people that share the same values and believes on what "work" means. Not only in the nature of what we do, but also where, how and with who we work with.


Work is an integral part of our lives. It is not just a means for us to put food on the table and roof over our heads. On average, we spend 90,000 hours at work over the span of our lifetime. This is too much commitment for "just to put food on the table and roof over our heads". We believe it should mean much more than that.

The value that each and everyone of us on the team bring to table equals to the commitment that we put in to the responsibility that was given to us. It is not just something to be done so you get your paycheck at the end of the month: It is something we believe in, something that we're proud of and something that will bring real value to our customers and their customers.


The greatest differentiator of a company is not it's size, market cap or even product: The biggest differentiator of any company, big or small, are its values and the people that make up that company that believe in those values.

This is our culture and our "DNA". These are the guiding forces that decides the different ways a company looks at problems that they face and tackle them.


Xoxzo has a flat structure. Everyone has access to the CEO. Everyone cleans their own plates. We don't do hand holding, simply because nearly all the time our hands are full, but if you're stuck, ask for help and someone will be there.


We understand and accept difference in genders, cultures, thinking and orientation from food to sexual preferences. None of these are better than the other. Differences are good and it only makes us stronger and resilient.


But the thing that drives us are those that brings us together: Universal values of equality, togetherness, kindness and our shared values and believes towards our work and responsibilities. Money is unfortunately a limited resource for our small organization, and although we try to give fair compensation based on market rates and what we can afford, we believe we can offer more through our work style and core values.


When we look to hire, we do not put out bullet point requirements on what the person we are looking to hire needs to fill: We will instead write how the position will help us, what the person taking up the role will learn from that role, an finally the skills that we think will help the person in that role.

We believe this is a two way process: It allows us to sit down, think, and with clarity decide what we want to achieve by hiring a certain role, and we will also be clear on what the person applying for the role might learn to grow herself. In the end, the only way for us to know if we're a good fit for each other is not through a one-hour interview, but for us to try to actually work together and find out.


These are the values that we believe in and try to practice in this small sphere of influence that we have in this huge world of ours, and we would very much would like welcome you here too.

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